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Migrate your OpenVMS Environment to x86



How to migrate


1. Fill out this questionnaire to prepare for the migration.
2. Consider how the new virtualized environment will integrate into the existing virtialization infrastructure.
3. If you have functional and/or performance testing in place, perform the tests and establish the benchmarks for the virtualized system.


1. Get an OpenVMS-compliant x86 environment (VMware, VirtualBox, or KVM). Refer to OpenVMS V9.2-1 release notes for information on tested platforms.
2. Contact VSI Sales for an x86 evaluation license. You will get a PAK and an account on the VSI Service Portal.
3. Download an OpenVMS ISO and any necessary layered products and install them on your VM. Instructions here.
4. Set up networking and transfer your code and any other necessary files to your x86 development environment. Instructions here.
5. Make changes to your code; consider these architectural differences. Compile and link your code on x86.
6. Recreate your production environment and run your tests, if any, to confirm that the system is working correctly.


1. Create an action plan to move your data to the new environment.
2. For a few months after the migration, monitor the performance of your system to identify any overlooked issues.


Preparation is key

Good preparation will save you time, money, and enable you to have more accurate estimates of when the new environment is available, as well as allow for modernization and optimization. Use these resources to prepare for your migration.

  • programming-protection-icon


    Discuss your migration experience with other OpenVMS users

  • server 1


    Tested platform, release notes, product list

  • setting-icon

    x86 Porting Consideration

    Important differences between x86 and other architectures

  • processor 1

    Quick specs and SPDs

    Quick Specs and Software Product Descriptions for Itanium, Alpha, and x86-64 platforms

Migration Help

We are here to support you

VMS Software provides services to support you in your migration efforts every step of the way:

  • Discovery service
  • Application services
  • Managed services

Fill out a questionnaire, and we will get back to you with an assessment of your environment and a cost estimate for your migration.


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